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Representing property owners from project start through to completion

Client Representation is the nuts and bolts of Schulz Building Consultants ~ we are representing your best interests at all times

Our services include: 

Management of The Project

  • Pre-Construction Review: Detailed review and discussion of your building project

  • Explanation and Updates: Ongoing project progress reports 

  • Design Consultation and Coordination

  • Expediting Project Progress

  • Review of Requisitions: Materials and products

  • Liaison Services (On Your behalf): With your neighbors, contractors and vendors

  • Dealing with Regulatory Agencies: Town/Village Government, permits, inspections

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Insurance Claim Representation

Management of Contractors and Materials

  • Sourcing

  • Management of Quotes & Bids

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Securing Resources

  • Scheduling of Construction Process

  • Oversight of Construction Process

Every project is different, and every client has different needs. Contact us now to discuss your specific project and how we can help.
Initial consultation provided
free of charge.
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